24 May

For my Comparative Politics class, I had to write a minimum-five-page research paper regarding any topic on comparative politics. Being the studious person that I am, I wrote the whole paper (ended up coming out to 7 pages) four/five hours before class.

Yes, that was what I looked like (except more Asian) while writing this paper. My computer was freezing all over the place, PDF files weren’t opening, and my coffee went cold. All that being said, I think that I ended up with a half-decent paper. I titled it “A Critical Analysis of International Responses to Internal Conflicts in Countries,” and it is about the title (Yea… no surprises).

Rather than just have it collect internet dust in my computer, I’ve decided to upload it for everyone to read. Check it out, comment on it, say it’s stupid, amazing, LIFE CHANGING. Heck, you may even need it for your own POLYSCI class.

No matter the reason, here it is, available to all on the internet:


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